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Pastora Galván, flamenco dancer at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes in Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona

Pastora Galván was born in the family of flamenco Barcelona artists in 1980. Her brother Israel Galván is one of the most famous vanguard genius of modern flamenco Barcelona.
From 1990 to 1998 Pastora studied the career of Spanish Dance in the Seville Conservatory, combining her studies with her first professional works. In 1995 at the age of 15, Pastora travels to the United States for the first time with the Company of flamenco Barcelona Theatre in San Francisco. The following year in the Stanford University Pastora gives lessons and performs in France with the Company of Israel Galvan. Since then, she has been giving dance lessons and performing as a soloist dancer and with different companies around the world.
Pastora danced in the main theatres and tablao in Spain and in different cities of Europe, United States, Japan, Middle East, Cuba… She also performed in the most important dance and flamenco Barcelona festivals.
Special place in Pastora’s career occupies The Flamenco Bienal of Seville: she danced in every edition of the festival since 1998. That year she participated in the show Mira/Los zapatos rojos by Israel Galván. The collaboration with her brother continues in such plays as La Metamorfosis (2000), Galvánicas (2002) with the guitarist Gerardo Nuñez in Dos Hermanos (2004). Though the last play was not released in the festival, that year Pastora appeared in several shows, one of them with singer Chano Lobato.
One of the most important phases of her career was The Bienal of 2006: the 16th September Pastora released a new show called La Francesa, in which she performs as a main dancer 5 choreographies created by her brother Israel Galván specially for her. The artistic director of the play was Pedro G. Romero. Later La Francesa was presented at Andalucía Flamenca Festival in Madrid, organized by the Andalusian Agency for the Development of flamenco Barcelona, Jerez Festival, International Festival of Granada and the Montpellier Dance. La Francesa was a big success: the critic and the audience applauded the play. Pastora has repeated the triumph with this play ones again when she came back to Seville in 2008. La Francesa was presented in Joaquín Turina’s hall, the public was impressed.
In the last edition of 2008, Pastora and her brother Israel Galván performed as guest artists in the show Tres movimientos by Pedro Sierra. Later that year she acted in Cuatro Esquinas along with Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda and the guitarist Juan Carlos Romero. This play was created for Flamenco Festival that took place in the United States. With her play Cuadro flamenco Barcelona, Pastora succeeded in the Spring Festival in El Cairo and Beirut.
During her long career Pastora has worked with famous flamenco Barcelona artists, such as Eva Yerbabuena, Fernando Terremoto, La Susi, Niño de Pura, María Pagés, José Luis Rodríguez, Arcángel, Joaquín Grilo, La Tobala, Pedro Sierra… She collaborated with Carmen Linares in La Diosa Blanca, an outstanding show performed only by women and Las mujeres en el flamenco Barcelona, both in 2005; and Los Grandes (2007), another outstanding play, in which Antonio Canales gathered the best young flamenco Barcelona stars.
Throughout all this time Pastora has received several prestigious awards, such as Matilde Cora’ in the XVI National Contest of Flamenco Art in Córdoba in 2001. Giraldillos 2006 (La Francesa) Bienal de Flamenco. Giraldillos 2010 (Show Pastora Sevilla) in Bienal de Flamenco.
Pastora has worked in collaboration with the pianist and composer David Peña Dorantes in the play Piano Flamenco.
Her talent and infinite energy has brought her to new artistic adventures and projects. Like in her last work that she presented at for the Flamenc Empiric Festival in El Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona where Pastora performs a fantastic solo. Or her new work Pastora, released in 2009 in Jerez Festival. In this play traditional dance and avant-garde are naturally mixed.
In 2013, Pastora participated in the show Con Carmen Amaya en la Memoria, along with Paloma Fantova and Karime Amaya, all three of them were main dancers. The show was produced by the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias del Flamenco Barcelona and the Foundation Tablao Cordobes Barcelona in order to honour Carmen Amaya. The show was performed in many cities in Spain and other European countries.
Throughout her career Pastora Galvan has performed in many festifals, such as Mont-de-Marsans in 2000; Montellano in 2002; Festival del Corral del Carbón in Granada in 2003; Alburquerque, Argeles-sur-Mer and Monterrey (Mexico) in 2004; Festival flamenco Barcelona in the Sun, Miami, in 2005; Festival de Jerez in 2006,Andalucía Flamenca (Madrid), Málaga en Flamenco, Montpellier Danse and the Festival Internacional de Granada in 2007;Flamenco Festival (USA) and Bienal de flamenco Barcelona in Netherlands in 2008; Spring Festival in El Cairo and Beirut (2008). Nîmes and Jeréz in 2009. Flamenc Empiric in El Mercat de les Flors and Festival de Jerez (2009). Festival flamenco Barcelona – 39ª edition of the Festival Moguer (2013).
Also she participated in every edition of the Bienal de Flamenco in Sevilla since 1998.

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


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